Wayne Health and Wealth Equity District

Erie Center for Arts & Technology is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization located in Erie, PA offering adult career training and teen arts programs.

In 2019, we purchased the former Wayne School Building and renovated it to house our programs and our partners. The building, known as ECAT Wayne, has become a community hub for resources including healthcare, education, recreation, and career development.

The Wayne renovation project helped us transition an anchor building in this community. But we know that more resources and opportunities are needed. We invite you to learn about how ECAT is facilitating a development district for the community, envisioned by the community by creating and implementing a neighborhood development plan.

NEW: Community Survey

Use this survey to share what you hope for the neighborhood.

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Envisioning the district

The East Ave. Corridor

From ECAT on 6th St. to the industrial corridor on 12th St., the Bayfront Parkway to Pennsylvania Ave., we have envisioned the Wayne Equity District with the East Ave. commercial corridor at the core.

Defining the district

District Boundaries

Based on feedback from the community, our Steering Committee, and the expertise of Altair Real Estate Services, we have defined the district as the following:

  • Western Boundary:
    • Bayfront Parkway
  • Northern Boundary:
    • Northern side of E 6th St. to the West of East Ave. only, and continued on East Lake Rd. including Wayne Park
  • Eastern Boundary:
    • Western side of Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Southern Boundary:
    • Northern side of E 12th St.

View an interactive map of the boundaries:

The team

A Community Effort

To ensure the process of community engagement is thoughtful, well resourced, and sustainable, we have put together a dedicated team.

This team is led by ECAT staff and supported by Altair Consultants. A Steering Committee comprised of residents and business owners from the neighborhood grounds our work.

Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is made up of residents, business owners, and ECAT and Altair staff acting as facilitators:

  • Patricia Poston
  • Shay Williams
  • Tywonn Taylor
Business Owners
  • Rashad Grady
  • Sean and Kenya Johnson
  • Gus Paliouras
  • Rakan Zahra
  • Daria Devlin (ECAT)
  • Drevell Showers (ECAT)
  • Hannah Moran (ECAT)
  • Tom Hardy (Altair)
  • Amy Murdock (Altair)

We are also guided by the input of key stakeholders including, but not limited to: The City of Erie Planning Department, Erie Redevelopment Authority, Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, Infinite Erie, and nonprofit and church leaders from the district.

Focusing on outcomes

The Goals

In service and in partnership with the members of the neighborhood, our team will build a Neighborhood Development Plan for the Wayne Health and Wealth Equity District with the following goals: 

Goal 1

Cosmetically improve the commercial properties located at East 6th and Bayfront and along the East Ave corridor between 6th and 12th.​

Goal 2

Improve quality of life for neighborhood residents by increasing accessibility and safety and carrying out place-making activities that focus on the arts and recreation​.

Goal 3

Result in critical repairs to at least 8 home-owner owned properties, improving both health outcomes and generational wealth (through increased property value)​.​

Goal 4

Provide access to healthy, affordable food options​.​

Goal 5

Engage residents in meaningful planning for their own neighborhood​.

Goal 6

Build wealth through technical assistance programs that are strategically coupled with real-life opportunities​.

Goal 7

Increase access to workforce development programs in key industries for Erie County.

The Process

A Phased Approach

September – October
  • Form Steering Committee
  • Identify district boundaries
  • Conduct key stakeholder interviews
  • Assemble existing, relevant data sets
  • Design property and community outreach surveys
  • Community engagement
    • Canvassing
    • Input events (2)
November – January
  • Conduct property survey and perform GIS Analysis
  • Implement community outreach survey (door-to-door canvassing during weeks of November 14th and November 28th)
  • Community engagement
    • Input events (2)
February – March
  • Draft plan recommendations
  • Community Engagement
    • Open House to share proposed plan
March – Summer
  • Revise plan based on community input and recommendations
  • Implement plan

Get Involved

Upcoming Events:

Events with an asterisk (*) are open to community members. Events with a double asterisk (**) are open to the public.

October 29th: Coffee and Community, 9-10AM, Ada Lawrence Community Room*

October 29th: HalloWAYNE, 4-8PM, ECAT. This family friendly Halloween event will also feature a community input activity*

November 15th: Steering Committee Meeting

Ongoing: share your vision for the neighborhood in this simple survey

TBD: Neighborhood Open House**


Share your memories of the neighborhood

As we work on a neighborhood development plan, we are looking to the past to inform the future. Do you have memories of growing up in the district, attending school, church, or working here? Do you have pictures you’d be willing to share with us of businesses, houses, or community members? Please email history@eriecat.org to share.

Contact Us

Daria Devlin

ECAT Executive Director

Drevell Showers

Community Outreach Coordinator

The Erie Center for Arts & Technology (ECAT) is a community-based educational arts and career training facility that inspires, educates and empowers people of all ages with adult job training and creative youth programs.




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