Block Carving Info

Block Pick Up

You can pick-up your block at two locations:

Grounded Printshop | 1902 Cherry St, Erie, PA 16502

Pickup available during Community Carve Days. The full schedule is listed below.

ECAT Wayne Building | 650 East Ave, Erie, PA 16503

Pickup available between 10 AM and 5 PM on Monday—Friday.

If you need to schedule an alternate pick-up time, please contact

When you pick up your block, you will be randomly assigned a head, torso or legs. You do not choose the block; the block chooses you. 😉

Block Due Date

Your completed block is due on Tuesday, July 16 at 6 PM.

Carving Celebration

Tuesday, July 16 from 6-9 PM.

Everyone who completed a block is invited to attend a celebration on Tuesday, July 16 from 6-9PM. We will have a food truck and free beverages.

Each participant can create their own 4 ft. X 2 ft. creature print that evening using a traditional press. If you would like to print an additional creature on July 20 using the steam roller, you will need to register for a print time.

Community Carve Days

Community Carve Days are open studio hours where you can learn about carving techniques, ask questions, have access to tools and make friends with a creative community. We recommend everyone attend at least one Community Carve Day; however, they are not required.

Grounded Printshop, 1902 Cherry St, Erie, PA 16502
  • Tuesday, June 18 from 5- 9 PM 
  • Tuesday, June 25 from 5- 9 PM 
  • Tuesday, July 2 from 5- 9 PM 
  • Tuesday, July 9 from 5- 9 PM  
  • Tuesday, July 16 from 5- 9 PM  

Carving Your Block

Each block has marks at the top and/or bottom. Your design needs to connect to these marks.

In this example, the board is labeled “Torso”. At the top are two marks that show where the torso will connect to the head.


In this example, the waist connects to the guidelines at the top. The design is correctly connected.


In this example, the neck does not connect to the guidelines at the top. The neck needs to be wider.

Additional Notes:

You can erase the labels and marks while carving your block. They are for your reference only.

The labels head, torso and legs are just used for guidance. For example, legs could be bicycle wheels, or duck feet, or the end of a snake. You can be as imaginative as you want!

You can carve a background if you wish, or keep it blank, or remove the background entirely.

Please note, the blocks are not cut square, meaning some edges may not be straight. This is due to the way we received the blocks. It’s all good! Everything will still fit together, and this adds to the charm.

Carving Your Block

To carve your block, we recommend using wood carving tools. Free tools are available at Grounded Printshop during Community Carve Days. In addition, ECAT has a limited number of carving kits for loan that you can use at home.  You can pick up these tools when you pick up your block, or during Community Carve Days. 

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