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The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) is an online test designed to evaluate the proficiency level of the test taker in terms of both quantitative skill (math) and verbal skills. The resources below can help you if you need to brush up on your skills prior to the test, or to help with identified areas of concern after taking the test and needing to re-mediate before attempting to take the test again.

Wonderlic Practice Test

Beat the Wonderlic

This is a free Wonderlic sample test that mimics a real 50 question, 12-minute Wonderlic, written specifically for anyone taking the WPT-R for a job interview or the Wonderlic SLE to get into an academic program.

Quantitative (Math) Resources

Kahn Academy

Khan Academy offers free online practice exercises and instructional videos. The math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps.

Math Aids

Math-Aids offers free printable math worksheets for practice, including answer keys with step-by-step guides. Choose from 30+ topics! This is a great way to practice writing out your math problems, like you will for the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.

Math Drills

Math-Drills is a free online resource that enables you to locate and print math worksheets.  The Wonderlic does not allow usage of a calculator, so this website can be very helpful in terms of test format and strategy.

Verbal Resources

English Grammar Practice

If you want to improve your English grammar greatly, this application is for you. Doing these tests with explanations, you can improve your grammar from basic to advanced – free.

This app is available FREE on iOS

Grammar Up

Grammar Up application was designed to replicate questions commonly found on English proficiency tests. It helps users improve their grammar, word selection, and vocabulary.

This app is available FREE on iOS

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